Research & Development

The Asian Competitiveness Institute (ACI) offers a suite of Research & Development (R&D) services aimed at enhancing organizational competitiveness and profitability. Our belief in the significance of investing in R&D stems from its pivotal role in securing access to cutting-edge technologies, fostering innovation opportunities, elevating customer service standards, enhancing productivity, identifying and comparing international benchmarks and delivering positive societal impact. Under the ACI umbrella, we propose the following professional R&D initiatives:

Technology Advancement Programs

Innovation Enhancement Strategies

Customer-Centric Research

Social Impact Research

Benchmarking and Competitive Intelligence

Funding and Grants Assistance

These R&D initiatives under the ACI umbrella are tailored to empower organizations with the tools, insights, and resources needed to maintain competitiveness, drive innovation, and contribute positively to their bottom line and society.

Note: All Research reports are available on the email request:

ACI’s management has successfully managed the following research projects:

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