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What We Do

 Providing value-added services on productivity, quality, competitiveness and best practices through training, consulting and research activities


International Certificate Programs

Training Programs offered by
Asian Competitiveness Institute (ACI)


Corporate Training Program

Training Programs offered by Asian Competitiveness Institute (ACI)


General Awareness Training Program

Training Programs offered by Asian Competitiveness Institute (ACI)

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ACI has committed teams of highly qualified and experienced team of international and national resource persons all over Asia. Our programs are highly effective because of the expertise of our professional trainers. They are known for their knowledge & practical experience.

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Our Training Programs

ACI team provided training and consulting services to over 7000 organizations and developed continual improvement culture through extensive training and consulting activities. Our philosophy is to enhance organizational business and ensure the high standard of quality is met. We build on your existing practices and introduce meaningful changes with result-oriented approach.


How to Register

You can take the course in a class or online on computer.

Step 1

Visit ICT Trainings centre Choose from over 50 courses.

Step 2

Select the desire course. find out about registering, costs and pre-requisite course.

Step 3

Choose your starting date and time, we have dates every month - you can register just one week before taking your course.

Directors Message

Adv. Hasan Haider

CEO Asian Competitiveness Institute (ACI) (Pvt.) Ltd. ( )
Director Positive Pakistan Foundation (PPF) (
COO Insaf Law Organization (ILO)
CEO Labor Training Institute (Pvt.) Ltd. (LTI)
Labour Standard Consultant GIZ-Pakistan
Lean Process Consultant Chemionics Inc. (USAID)
Advisor, United for Better Pakistan Project (
Advisor, Australian Center for Education and Training (ACET) ( )

Collaborating Partner, PITAC, Minisity of Industries, Govt. of Pakistan
Collaborating Partner, PIM, Ministry of Industries , Govt. of Pakistan
Affiliated with Skill Development Council SDC-Islamabad, Ministry of Education & Professional Trainings
Former DGM, National Productivity Organization, Ministry of Industries, Govt. of Pakistan