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Who We Are

ACI established in 2010, with the small team of professionals with the following vision, mission and objectives:

ACI Vision:

To be the leaders in productivity and quality enhancement to achieve global competitiveness and promote operational excellence through Lean applications across Asia.


Our mission is “to improve all types of Processes, enhance organizational Profitability, improve Productivity, introduce Quality, reduce Cost, ensure on time Delivery, develop Safety culture, create enabling Environment, Build high Morale and eliminate all sources of Wastages through the practical result oriented implementation of the World Class Best Practices and benchmarks”.


  • Providing value-added services on Lean , productivity, quality, competitiveness and best practices through training, consulting and research activities
  • Developing human capital and organizational excellence for building a knowledge-based society through extensive capacity building, systems development and best practices; and Developing critical mass and bringing industrial renaissance for economic growth
  • Nurturing innovative and creative culture through P&Q promotion and partnership programs in collaboration with national and international strategic partners
  • ACI develops the individual and organizational potential to generate the ongoing, creative and practical solutions demanded in today's business environment.